World Travellers say There is no Better Place to Live

Airpark residents enjoy lunch at a local cafe

Airpark residents enjoy lunch at a local cafe

“This place is fantastic” says Sandra.

“We have a beautiful new home on a big 2300 sqm block, with a beautiful garden, chickens and an aeroplane in the hangar”.

Colin & Sandra, (both pilots), have a CTSW, an all-carbon fibre ultralight which cruises about 115kts.

Sandra originally came from the UK, while Colin is from Sydney. Sandra appreciates the lovely warm Queensland weather while Colin likes the escape from Sydney traffic, and the freedom to be able to jump into the aeroplane and go.

“I can’t imagine a better place to live for an aviation enthusiast”, says Colin.

“And we don’t hesitate for a second to recommend Gatton Airpark as a great place to live… for all the family”.