Love at First Sight

Marty Hone and partner Chris Gray first saw Keith's ad in Aviation Trader back in 2004. They were living in Victoria at the time and for many months had been searching for a suitable residential airfield to buy into.

Chris, Martin & Shayla. “Love at First Sight”

For Chris, it was love at first sight for both the airfield and the town of Gatton. She remembers telling Marty, “Just buy it! You can‟t go wrong!” At the time, the blocks were selling for $65,000. That‟s hard to believe now, but it‟s true. So they bought a Stage 1 block on the western side of the strip about halfway along.

Marty told me that in the past they spent many hours travelling to and from airfields in order to fly his aircraft. One and a half hours each way was not unusual. He says that it is a joy to simply stroll from the breakfast table a few metres out to the hangar and go flying. Moreover, he has no hangarage fees, no travelling time and associated costs, no club fees, no airfield usage fees, etc, and he can work on or tinker with his aircraft any time he likes, performing maintenance at his leisure. It all makes for a much more enjoyable and safer aviation experience.